Featured Bayonets.

The links below provide a profile, with comments, of randomly selected bayonets from the collection.

If you care to share information on the same or similar bayonets or have questions I would be delighted to hear from you.

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Bolo bayonet for the Martini Henry rifle
A Baker second pattern (c1805) sword bayonet
Socket bayonet for a Winchester carbine
P1907 bayonets - Great War memorablia
Colour Party nightmare
Scabbard Mandrels
Sawback bayonets for the Martini Henry Artillery Carbine
Etched bayonet blades - Part I
Etched bayonet blades - Part 2
Australian Alexander Henry bayonets - modified
The Canadian 1893 Martini Metford bayonet
Old Blades - new life. A survey of shortened British service bayonets.
A Brown Bess Bayonet of note.
British Minié socket bayonets
German ersatz bayonets with British blades
A Bayonet for the Irish Constabulary
Royal Navy bayonet belt frogs
A U.S. M1905 bayonet issued for New Zealand
Evolution of the Martini Henry P1887 Mk.1 sword bayonet
Canadian bayonets for New Zealand
A British No7 bayonet prototype
The Soley knife bayonet, a British prototype
A simple photographic studio
British yataghan sword bayonets
British 'bowie' blade bayonets
Bayonet trials for the Canadian FAL rifle
The Great Packington Volunteers