Featured Bayonets.

This web page will be devoted to sharing items randomly selected from my collection that I find particularly interesting for either their historic interest or physical features.

It is my intention to add featured items on an occasional basis. If you have questions, or care to share information on the same or similar bayonet in your collection, I would be delighted to hear from you.

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Bolo bayonet for the Martini Henry rifle
A Baker second pattern (c1805) sword bayonet
Socket bayonet for a Winchester carbine
P1907 bayonets - Great War memorablia
Colour Party nightmare
Scabbard Mandrels
Sawback bayonets for the Martini Henry Artillery Carbine
Etched bayonet blades - Part I
Etched bayonet blades - Part 2
Australian Alexander Henry bayonets - modified
The Canadian 1893 Martini Metford bayonet
Old Blades - new life. A survey of shortened British service bayonets.
A Brown Bess Bayonet of note.
British Minié socket bayonets
German ersatz bayonets with British blades
A Bayonet for the Irish Constabulary
Royal Navy bayonet belt frogs
A U.S. M1905 bayonet issued for New Zealand
Evolution of the Martini Henry P1887 Mk.1 sword bayonet
Canadian bayonets for New Zealand
A British No7 bayonet prototype
The Soley knife bayonet, a British prototype
A simple photographic studio