Sales Table - Knives

All references are to British and Commonwealth Military Knives (BCMK) by Ron Flook, Airlife Publishing Ltd., 1999.

The following knives are offered for sale:

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#147 – A customised conversion of a British P1888 bayonet formed into adouble edge fighting knife. Re-hilted with Bakelite grips. Custom made leather sheath. Good condition


#k013 – An alloy-hilted version of the Air Force Survival Machete. Made in Australia, and used by the USAAF during World War Two. 211mm single edge blade with a chisle point. Alloy grips securred by two rivets. Complete with correct all leather scabbard and straps, made by Goldseal, Sydney, and dated 1944. Very good condition
Ref BCMK – 383/5


#14 – A well crafted conversion of a British No. 4 bayonet. Complete with tubular scabbard and handmade leather frog. Good condition


#768 – A British P1888 bayonet converted to fighting knife. Blade etched with owners initials. Remains of British ordnance markings on blade and hilt. Good condition