Sales Table - Police Items

The following British police items are offered for sale:

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#PS005 – A scarce and superb example of an English constabulary sword. More commonly found mounted with an obsolete, curved cavalry sword blade, this has a fine, 24 inch long, single edge, fullered blade. The blade etched - KENT CONSTABULARY - DARTFORD DIVISION plus a Victorian crown. The opposide etched with the retailers name and address, Parker Field & Son, 233 Holborn, London.
Very Good condition.

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#PS100 – An excelllent example of an English constabulary sword with a 23 inch, straight double edge blade. The blade etched - BERKS (Berkshire) CONSTABULARY enclosing a Victorian crown.
Very Good condition.

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#PS105 – An early example of an English constabulary sword with massive, single edge blade, and early pattern brass stirrup hilt. Police swords were originally produced utilizing obsolete cavalry sword blades. The blade is etched with the name of the Force - NORTHWHICH HUNDRED CHESHIRE. The term 'hundred' refers to the Old English description of a subdivision of a county or shire, having its own court. The sword retains its original black leather, brass mounted scabbard together with a black leather frog.
Very Good condition.

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#PS106 – An unusual and interesting example of an English constabulary sword had a blade etched with CALCUTTA POLICE. With an early pattern brass stirrup hilt, the whole showing obvious signs of hard wear, but a greart piece of Victorian Empire police history! Complete with a correct black leather, brass mounted scabbard.
Fair condition.

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hove Scarce example of an early waist belt with white metal buckle 'HOVE POLICE'. together with a fine example of a bulls eye lantern, standard issue for the officer on the beat. Complete and in good working order.

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15 – An fine example of a George IV turned wood truncheon. Brown painted body embelished with hand painted GR IV, and bulester head decorated with monarchs crown.
Very good condition

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27 – A superb example of a mid-victorian truncheon, commerorating the retirment from service of Superintendant W. Denison in 1868, and so named and dated. Turned from choice hardwood, and decorated with crown and VR.
Very good condition

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t06 – A good example of a George V truncheon, polished hardwood, decorated with crown GR. Original wrist strap, stamped with makers name, J. HUDSON & Co, Bhm.
Very good condition

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t02 – An extremely fine examples of a William IV (1765-1837) tipstaff. Handpainted and finely decorated bulester body, with a crown, and IV with WR in script.
Very good condition

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t40 – An extremely fine example of a Victorian 'City of London' tipstaff. Named to William Brand, Marshals Man, a position of authority held under the office of the Lord Mayor of London since the 16th. Century. A delightful, researched and documented history. A unique piece of London.
Excellent condition

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31 – A fine example of a City of London Police constable truncheon. Overall length 19 inches, with turned grip impressed PARKER, 233 HOLBORN. Black painted body with City crest emblasoned in red and white.
Very Good condition

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46 – A superb Hardwood truncheon with ribbed grip. Brown painted body decorated with IV over WR over large crown, and WALBROOK. City of London coat of arms added at later date, probably late Victorian. Walbrook is a subterranean river in the City of London that gave its name to a City ward and a minor street in its vicinity. The ward of Walbrook contains two of the City's most notable landmarks: the Bank of England and Mansion House. This is a truncheon with important connections.
Very Good condition

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tr011 – An impressive William IV truncheon, 22 inches in length. Black painted body with well executed decoration surmounted with a crown above the monarchs title - WR IIII.
Very Good condition

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