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References are to:

'German Bayonets - Vol. III' by Anthony Carter, and 'The Collectors Book of German Bayonets - Part 2' by Roy Williams

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The German production of ‘ersatz’ bayonets was caused by the shortage of first grade weapons for front line troops during World War 1. To make up the shortfall, manufacturers produced weapons that had none of the quality finish of regulation bayonets, but were nevertheless of high quality material, and just as deadly.

Similar production methods were applied to obsolete socket bayonets. Manufacturers were supplied with quantities of obsolete bayonets acquired when Belgium and its arms production complexes were overrun in 1914. Blades were remounted in simplified hilts designed to fix onto a number of current service rifles. In collector parlance, these have become known as ‘ersoc’ (ersatz/socket) bayonets.

These ‘emergency’ bayonets were issued generally to rear echelon troops and ‘home-guard’ units.

The serious study of these bayonets was initially undertaken by collector and author Anthony Carter in the 1990s. He devised a cataloguing system by numbering each variation with the prefix EB (ersatz bayonet) and ES (ersatz socket), published in Vol. III of 'German Bayonets'. This cataloguing system became universally accepted.

Subsequent to Carters seminal work, other leading collectors have published further works on the subject, notably Roy Williams, who maintained Carters EB catalogue system, supplementing it with his own numbering system in order to identify unknown, or sub-category variations. Williams catalogue numbers are identified as RW in the listings below.

The bayonets listed below use both systems of identification relevant to each particular example.

As shipping costs can be a deterrent, the following incentive is offered.

For an order of three or more bayonets, a discount of 8% on the total will be applied. Items will be consolidated into one shipping package, thus spreading the mailing cost over all items purchased, resulting the most economical despatch.

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#E016 - 312mm single edge blade stamped with fraktur mark. Complete with type IV scabbard. Some staining to blade. Much original feldgrau paint remaining on hilt and scabbard.
Very good condition.
EB9 – RW434
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More images here E016_rw434 E016a_rw434 E016b_rw434 E016c_rw434 E016d_rw434 E016e_rw434 E016f_rw434


#E020 - 309mm single edge blade, stamped with fraktur crown/V and crown/P. Serial number on right crossguard. Complete with type II FAG scabbard. Traces of feldgrau paint.
Very Good condition
EB45 – RW503
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More images here E020_rw503 E020a_rw503 E020b_rw503 E020c_rw503 E020d_rw503 E020e_rw503 E020f_rw503


#E033 - 314mm single edge blade, stamped with fraktur B. Muzzle ring removed.
Good condition
EB17 – RW446
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#E064 - 315mm single edge blade, stamped with fraktur crown/B. Crossguard stamped with Field Artillery unit markings. Blade excellent condition, hilt with surface rust.
Good condition
EB3 – RW422
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#E088 - A superb example of this scarce full butcher blade bayonet. 360mm single edge blade, fraktur stamped crown/D, and complete with correct scabbard.
Very good condition
EB41 – RW496
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More images here E088_rw496 E088a_rw496 E088b_rw496 E088c_rw496 E088d_rw496 E088e_rw496


E104 - An excellent example of this scarce cast steel hilt ersatz bayonet. 307mm single edge blade impressed with fraktur crown/K. Crossguard stamped with E.L.85: 85th Landwehr infanterie regiment (Holstein, north Germany). Complete with Type I scabbard.
Very Good condition
EB53 - RW517
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More images here E104_rw517 E104a_rw517 E104b_rw517 E104c_rw517 E104d_rw517 E104f_rw517 E104g_rw517


#E002 - British P1853 triangular 430mm socket blade mounted on a pressed steel hilt. Blade fraktur stamped crown/T and crown/A, and hilt impressed C.T.S. Complete with type VI tubular scabbard, missing throat.
Good condition
ES13 - RW560
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More images here E002a_rw560 E002b_rw560 E002c_rw560 E002d_rw560 E002e_rw560 E002f_rw560 E002g_rw560 E002h_rw560 E002i_rw560 E002j_rw560 E002k_rw560


#E043 - A US M1855 export blade (Remington), 437mm long, and stamped with fraktur crown/G, Mounted on a pressed steel Group I Type ‘A’ hilt. Complete with tubular scabbard, throat missing.
Very Good condition
ES32 – RW594
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More images here E043_rw594 E043a_rw594 E043aa_rw594 E043b_rw594 E043c_rw594 E043d_rw594 E043e_rw594 E043f_rw594 E043g_rw594


E045 - An unrecorded ersoc bayonet with an M1841 Dreyse socket blade, 440mm long. Ricasso fraktur stamped crown/A, with crown/T. Inside the muzzle ring. Mounted on a Group 1, Type ‘A’ pressed steel stamped C.T.S. Complete with a tubular steel scabbard, throat missing.
Good condition
No reference
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More images here E045_M1841DreyseBlade E045a_M1841DreyseBlade E045b_M1841DreyseBlade E045c_M1841DreyseBlade E045d_M1841DreyseBlade E045e_M1841DreyseBlade E045f_M1841DreyseBlade E045g_M1841DreyseBlade E045h_M1841DreyseBlade E045i_M1841DreyseBlade E045j_M1841DreyseBlade E045k_M1841DreyseBlade E045l_M1841DreyseBlade E045m_M1841DreyseBlade E045n_M1841DreyseBlade E045o_M1841DreyseBlade E045p_M1841DreyseBlade E045q_M1841DreyseBlade


#E046 - A Belgian M1873 Gendamerie socket blade mounted on a pressed steel Group 1, Type ‘A’ hilt, stamped C.T.S. The blade 455mm long, and stamped with fraktur crown/G.
Good condition
ES10 – RW555
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More images here E046_rw555 E046a_rw555 E046b_rw555 E046c_rw555 E046d_rw555 E046e_rw555 E046f_rw555 E046g_rw555 E046h_rw555 E046i_rw555 E046j_rw555


#E049 - A Liège made Swiss M1842 socket blade 441mm long, mounted on a Group 1, Type ‘B’ press steel hilt. Blade ricasso stamped NC 30. Hilt and blade tip AF.
Good condition
ES26 – RW586
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